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How To Embed Fonts In Axure Made Easier

Assorted wood letter blocks for a printing press, stacked.

Linking to web fonts in Axure has always been easy and supported, but sometimes you need to fonts to work offline and without installing them. So you've realized you need to embed it somehow. Here's an easy, one-click way to do so.

VDP Design Strategy

An excerpt of a page featuring a new car for sale.

When refining an existing high-traffic page, it's important to have a strategy that focuses on user goals, business objectives, and actively balances the two for the best overall experience.

Formatting Sketch Files With Scripts

An excert of code in a text editor.

Sometimes it's easier to programmatically make updates to Sketch files in lieu of tedious manual updates. Here are two scripts that help achieve that.

Creating a Good Sketch Symbol

Four variations of single symbol in the Sketch design program.

When creating a Sketch symbol, for your own use or for a design library, there are a few important considerations in the making of a good Sketch symbol.

Embedding Fonts in Axure Prototypes

Sometimes creating a hi-fidelity prototype in Axure requires specific fonts. If the font you need isn't hosted online for use as a web font, you can embed it directly in the Axure file.

Easy Authoring of a Static Site

Recently I took a few steps to create a process that I could use to regularly update my site with as little effort as possible. This will be nothing new to anyone with more than a few drops of development experience, but it's all a learning experience for me.

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